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An open beta testing from August 17st «Alexandria x100»

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Welcome dear players and guests of our server!

We are inviting you all to the start of the beta testing session of our new and unique server Alexandria x100 - PVP. 
A huge online activity is awaiting you, as well as high quality content releases for the Season 6 Ultra.

The start of the beta testing is scheduled for August 17st at 08:00 PM  Moscow time.
The ending of the beta testing is scheduled for August 19th at 08:00 PM Moscow time.

For the duration of the server turnaround rates will be increased to x10.000.
For the duration of the OBT, commands will be available for ease of testing and much more.

The command for getting Zen - /zen 99999999
The command for completing the 3th profession - /evo
For each of the resets you will get 500 LevelUp Point
A special store is available in Lorencia, where you can buy precious items for testing.

Now we  are launching an advertising campaign on all for the following platforms  (Europe / CIS / E-Mail mailing) and we are making this in high rates, for a maximum online on the server!

If you have any questions related to this topic, you can write it in Questions and discussion.

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