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[Suggestion] HOF Event [ 2 vs 2 ] [3 vs 3] [6 vs 6] Tournaments

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Do a research about this events... they should be in the server.
HOF event is called - Hall of Fame, this is event in witch each class can show up in PK event and show to the server who is the best players.
The event itself made by classes - SM,BK,Elf,DL,MG,Summ
You call all classes by one and each players have fight 1 vs 1 to show who is the best.
The winner of the event can take as reward Dream Coins or Full Option items, you decide what reward you will give.

The other names are talking for itself, make pk events 2 vs 2,  3 vs 3, 6 vs 6 and e.t.c. again as a reward you give Full Items or Dreamcoins.

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