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Good day, dear players! I have to announce some important news related to the life of the project MuDream. As you may noticed,  that lately there has been no activity from the administration of the project. This is related to the fact that it has new owners now. Lets get right to the point. I want to present you some information about the life of the project in general, as well as all of our goals and plans for the future. 

An eternal server without vipes and a long-lasting promotional campaign with an influx of new players.

We guarantee you an eternal work of the server Katrin х1000. Ongoing ads / start bonuses / events for players will guarantee a daily influx of new players.

Fixes of bugs in a short timeframe.

Our team is oriented on a long time perspective and classical support of Mu Online projects. We promise you that we will be working and fixing all of the bugs/errors in short time. Since our experience in the field allows us to do that easily. We already prepared a series of fixes / improvements of diverse errors on the gaming server, as well as on the authorization server. 

Important information related to the life of the server, plans for the future an the opening of a new x1000 server.

  • On all of the servers will be produced a full vipe before the opening of a new server Katrin x1000. The database from all of the gaming servers will be deleted. 
  • A new design of the website is already installed. 
  • A massive advertising campaign will be launched on June 1st.
  • Follow all of our news and updates 😉
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