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  1. Изменять язык: Welcome dear players and guests of our server! We are inviting you all to the start of the beta testing session of our new and unique server Katrin x1000 - PVP. A huge online activity is awaiting you, as well as high quality content releases for the Season 6 Ultra. The start of the beta testing is scheduled for June 1st at 08:00 PM Moscow time. The ending of the beta testing is scheduled for June 10th at 08:00 PM Moscow time. For the duration of the server turnaround rates will be increased to x50.000. For the duration of the OBT, commands will be avail
  2. Изменять язык: Good day, dear players! I have to announce some important news related to the life of the project MuDream. As you may noticed, that lately there has been no activity from the administration of the project. This is related to the fact that it has new owners now. Lets get right to the point. I want to present you some information about the life of the project in general, as well as all of our goals and plans for the future. An eternal server without vipes and a long-lasting promotional campaign with an influx of new players. We guarantee you an eternal work of the
  3. Изменить язык: The promotion rules are quite easy! If You are a leader of a guild and You have people ready to play - come and get bonuses! The amount of the bonuses depends on the number of people that come on the server. If you are ready to play here, just leave your application under this topic and wait for the bonuses. All the guilds are being tested and monitored, which means you can't cheat. All the bonuses are awarded only to the leaders of the guilds. Don't expect any other bonuses rather than the ones listed below. If you have a group of people/ a permanent
  4. Rune Wizard ~ (Summoner reformed) Sets Rune Pad Rune Sphinx Rune Legendary Rune Kenaz Rune Light Lord Rune Scent Chaos Legion Rune Class Rune Wizard Rune Wizard Rune Wizard Rune Spell Master Rune Spell Master Rune Spell Master Grand Rune Master Type Excellent / PVP Excellent / PVP E
  5. Изменить язык: A duel for awards takes place under the common agreement of two characters. Upon a new request for Duel, the Trade option will appear, there, both players can put the awards. The winner of the Duel gets all the awards from Trade.
  6. Изменить язык: We are welcoming you dear players, and guests of our server! Our server beholds a guild warehouse, in which the guild members can share their items between each other. In order to open the chest you will go to the Guild Master in Lorencia (135,135) or Devias (214,46)
  7. Изменить язык: We are welcoming you, dear players and guests of our server! To make the pvp more comfortable, we added an automatic clicker, instead of the constant hold of the key. To activate - you will need to press twice CTRL. To deactivate - you will need to press twice CTRL.
  8. Изменить язык: Commands for communication : /post - Posts global message (Public) @ - Send a Guild message @@ - Send a message to the alliance @> - Guild Notice (Guild Master function) ~ - Send a Party message Commands for Points: /str - adds strength points (example. /str 123) /agi - adds agility points (example. /agi 123) /vit - adds vitality points (example. /vit 123) /ene - adds energy points (example. /ene 123) /cmd - adds command points (example. /cmd 123) /str auto - adds auto strength points (example. /autostr 123) /agi auto - adds auto agility poin
  9. Изменить язык: Dungeon - an updated location The location called Dungeon was fully reconstructed. There is no more division by flors. All the territories are united and represent a huge underground where players will have the possibility to wander in search for a special monster or precious drop. Each four hours at the end of the underground labyrinth will appear the main boss Golden Kundun | 00:50 | 04:50 | 08:50 | 12:50 | 16:50 | 20:50 | Killing him will get you precious Excellent items, as his strenght is fully corresponding to the drop: Weapons: Blessed Div
  10. Изменить язык: Windows Defender - a standart antivirus, which is built in the Windows 8 system and higher. Periodically it can start thinking that our file Main.dll / PS.dll is a virus. Why? Is there a virus? Answer - No! Basically, in the .DLL file there is a code, which is used in our game and was changed by us. The antivirus can't check it, as it's fully encrypted. To prevent Windows defender from deleting files from your game folder by mistake, we strongly recommend that you immediately add the game folder to the exclusions. -> Settings -> Update and Security
  11. Изменить язык: Mad Arena - a new localtion on the server! Overall there are 12 spots, which are getting better and better as going deeper through the maps and, of course, at the end there are top spots to find. As well, many of you will get excited from the fact that all the spots are pointed and are ideally fixed in place by monsters. Genocider 6x, Persona 6x, Twin Tale 6x, Dreadfear 6x, Ice Walker 6x, Giant Mammoth 6x, Ice Giant 6x, Coolutin 6x, Iron Knight 6x, Paraca 6x, Ferea Knight 6x, Ferea Archer 6x As well there are 5 points where bosses will appear .
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