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  1. Spot

    BC/DS/CC/Online Time and others.

    One more thing. As now, we can already add Jewel of Excelent and e.t.c. to Wings, it should be good to can be added ot rings / pends as well.
  2. Hi, you wanted suggestions about the server, here are few. - Make Blood Castle and Devil Square Rankings - Every week this ranking is reseted and top 5 winners get a reward Dream Coins and Bonus Points. - Enable Online Time Exchange for Credits in website, this will make players stay online and even play harder. - Raise the price for Reset, when you get reset give us 10-15 Dreamcoins ... the items in X Shop are super expensive, not everyone can afford that. - For god saik, start to make events in game, its been more then 2 weeks we havent seen a single event did by an administrator. - Give some good reward for Castle Siege guild Coins / Points or Guild Score or something i dont know. - Fix the Castle Siege machine as we did tried to make f.o. item and all it give us was items + luck + 13 with one option. - Make better drop of JOG in LOT all day im farming 2-3 JOG and im supp to mix items everyday, how can i mix items every 24 hours since i cant get the jewels for that ? ? - Pick few GMs in every Language wich will enter the game and entertain the players. - Make Top voters rankings and every week give a reward for that, this will make players to vote every single day and add more topsites, they are 4-5 websites that can bring you allot more players then now. - As we are far in the game now, give freebies for the newbies, something like 5,000 stats + 1 lvl wings and e.t.c. when they start. This is for now. ?
  3. Do a research about this events... they should be in the server. HOF event is called - Hall of Fame, this is event in witch each class can show up in PK event and show to the server who is the best players. The event itself made by classes - SM,BK,Elf,DL,MG,Summ You call all classes by one and each players have fight 1 vs 1 to show who is the best. The winner of the event can take as reward Dream Coins or Full Option items, you decide what reward you will give. The other names are talking for itself, make pk events 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 6 vs 6 and e.t.c. again as a reward you give Full Items or Dreamcoins.
  4. My view is very bad for your server now. Im still playing i will not stop because i like it, but i think you destroyed the server with this Full Option sets in X Store. This way the server becomes Pay to Win not Play to Win i will explain why. For the last F.O. Set with Sockets and e.t.c. you have to pay plenty amount of Coins, if you don't want to donate it will take you ages to get this items. For me Sockets items should be removed from cash shop and they must be farmed / crafted by players only as they are the most powerful gear in the game. Same thing for 4th level wings. I understand that you need to make money to support the server, but with this sets you will get some donations and people will run away and stop playing and this way you will loose more money instead of making ? I have allot of suggestions i cant think about them now because im sleepy tomorrow i can make a thread or continue here editing my post with suggestions about events and improving the gameplay in the server.
  5. Spot


    What kind of a brain damage do you have ? I've never seen this in any server in mu-online. I also dont like this idea ?
  6. Spot

    About Blood Castle NPC

    Dude, just place NPC for BC Inside Arkania. I see you try to change the game but some things are better the old way. If someone wants to enter BC needs to be fast, not PK. In every mu online server NPC for BC / DS is inside... just because of this reason.
  7. Spot

    About Blood Castle NPC

    Im also agree with you, PK Are destroying the server with stupidity. Only strong people can go for Invasions and Top Players. Top players are taking over the server, while we who actually sleep and have lifes cant farm anything. Also we make pets to farm zen, exp and e.t.c. and we cant heal them with NPC, in each server where you have panda pet, unicorn, demon, spirit guardian e.t.c. if your pet loose health you can go and heal it with blacksmith, but here you cant. Some jel guy sees you and kill you because he sees you have some good pet on you and he is dead for 2 minutes, like you didnt spend any resources on it to make it. Admin, you need to work on those PK, or just make NON PVP Server for pve players.
  8. Spot

    About Blood Castle NPC

    Okay, in every server i play, there NPC for Blood Castle event inside the Safe Zone. My question is - Why the hell BC NPC is outside town (safe zone) ? Again PK Destroying the server with there bullsh!ts. Just before BC they stay on Bridge and kill everyone who come and wants to join in BC event. Please, put NPC inside the safe zone, because PK again can make 100 kills and just go in BC and pkclear there ?
  9. Spot


    Party members can lift the Quest even if you pick up the Statue ??????? WHAT THE HECK IS THAT ? Please fix it.
  10. Spot

    About Fenrir

    Does Fenrir exist here ? I was trying to farm items in Crywolf like 2 hours and did not dropped me single item to combine it. Please can you make spowns in Crywolf so we can farm Items for Fenrir ?
  11. Spot

    Pets and Rings from Shop.

    Okay, thats cool, and now if you can make it cheaper prize it will be amazing my suggestion is to have 2 options. Panda Pet (1day) - 100 BP Panda Pet (7Days) 400BP Panda Ring(1day) - 200 BP - More expensive then the pet since give 50% + Zen Panda rin (7Days) - 700 BP Also can you add more stuff to buy with BP and DC ? Like Harmonys, wings (1) and (2) lvl and e.t.c. ? Also can you add Online time exchange for credits in website ? Or Online exchange for BP ?
  12. Spot

    Best gaming music ever

    Theres no music playing in the stream man, i just tried it ? Also if you need guild pm me in server - Spot
  13. Spot

    PK Clear = 50kk For all Kills ?

    Yes, we do complaint because its not fair 50rr Character to go into a 20rr Character and call him noob and kill him 100x times, dont let him to farm and level. Do you think its fair ? If you think its fair what kind of person you are. lol ? - Great job, Admin! This is good decision, at least now they will not be so cocky and kill everyone, everywhere, anytime..
  14. Spot

    PK Clear = 50kk For all Kills ?

    Its a shame zen to be so searched in game, and then you make 100x kills /pkclear and all your problems are solved. Dont you think about weak players ? I will give you an example. Now i go for 3d Quest and im 25 rr, There one MG there 50 rr and does not allow anyone to go there to farm the quest, i dont know what is his problem but dont you think is kinda stupid from PVE Side ? Its your server, you know what is best for it, but this is really stupid. Pk must be at least 10kk zen per kill or something like that, because people who dont sleep destroy other players game, and theres people who close all cities you cant go out. Think about the PVE side as well, not only the PVP or soon these 500 people will get lower and lower. Ah, and please, check my topic about Pets from X Shop. Thanks.
  15. PK Clear cost 50kk for all kills combined in one ? What the heck ? ?